Project Warm Up

Photo from Google.
Taken by Ed Yourdon

Winter is coming...

Can you imagine being on the streets struggling to find food and safe shelter? We sometimes take the little things for granted, like climate control, and running water. It's a vicious circle.
Now imagine and ice storm heading your way. Do you have socks, a hat a blanket, gloves? Are you going to lose a toe or finger to frost? Even worse will it become infected? Just even having to be in the elements... I feel for them.
We don't know why they are on the street and struggling, but sometimes we need a boost when are at a low point in life.

It's Been Put Off Too Long

This is something that I have wanted to do for many years, but never had the extra resources to do so. A few weeks ago I started thinking about this again, and want to make it the focus for charity this month, and hand out packs in December. 

You can help by sharing, or entering to win PRIZES!!!
Let's get care packs to those in need!

The Mission

We have many homeless locally to distribute to. I would like to keep these on hand in our vehicles, as well as bring some to the shelters.

The goal is to make 50 packs and it will take $400 or more if we add to it.

What's in a Pack

Each pack will be in a plastic bag or container.
It will include:
A mylar survival blanket
A knit hat
Toiletry kit with toothbrush, comb, toothpaste and more
Antiperspirant and more.

You can see some of the items we are looking to include on our Wish List

Amazon Wish list

How You Can Help

You can purchase a raffle ticket, auction on this month's piece, we also have a wishlist with items that we are looking to add to the packs. Please share and help those on the streets. 

Free Someone from Sex Trafficing

10% of all sales go to help victims of sex trafficking. To help create more awareness we started a donation page, so others can join us in helping.

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