What We Produce


Farm Fresh Eggs

There is nothing like a farm fresh egg. Unlike the eggs you get at the grocery stores, that are already 45 days old in most cases, our eggs are laid and packaged daily. We have several different types of chickens and we also have ducks that get to wander the pastures and eat what they choose. This makes for the most nutritious eggs available. These eggs have an orange yolk and cook up very fluffy. If you are a baker, we recommend trying a beautiful rich duck egg in you next recipe. 


The Garden

The Garden is under construction and is looking amazing! We use a method that promotes very healthy soil the way nature intended it to be. Every year it will get better, and we will have more to offer you. Be watching for traditional "salad Bar" foods like nutritious Leaf lettuce and greens along with salad mixes, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber, as well as foods  you may have never heard of before. We will be offering a variety of sizes at all price points for you to sample a new unusual food. 


Trees and Plants

Occasionally we will be offering small trees, shrubs, and other plants for you to produce food in your own backyard.