Hair Extension Specialist

A what? Yes, from farmer to hair expert.

For the past 20 years Kristi has been in the hair industry. Since moving to North Carolina she has continued to travel back to Chicagoland to take care of her clients there. 

Now it's your turn! 

Long Natural Hair

The extensions offered are natural and can enhance your hair in many ways. The attachment is small, with no tape, braids, or glue. Schedule your consultation today!

It's Your Hair

If you want to love your hair, by adding instant length, thickness, and color. 

Call or text today. 

We are now accepting new clients in our Dallas location. 

Earn free hair services or cash for referrals contact Kristi for more information. 

Chicagoland Trips

We are now accepting new clients on a limited basis. 

50% Deposit required to schedule your appointment.

Dates are tentative until FLIGHT BOOKED (after booked, rarely subject to change).

No upcoming events.