Dwarf Goats


Why a dwarf?

Who doesn't like a cute little goat hopping around the homestead? Besides being adorable the Nigerian dwarf produces a delicious rich milk for drinking, making cheese, butter, ice cream or any of your favorite dairy products right at home. Their small size makes them easy to handle and care for. We have mostly Nigerian bloodlines with a few crossed does. Everyone including our big boys are under 60 pounds.  

Fall kidding season

September first is our first due date for fall. Watch our Facebook page for the most current updates. 

Our kids health

Every year we have our herd examined and tested for common goat diseases. This helps us insure you get a happy healthy kid. They stay with mom until they are at least 8 weeks old so they can get the full benefit of her milk. Price will vary per kid depending on several factors.

Our kids happiness

We pride ourselves on having friendly goats. They are very special to us which means we spend a lot of time with them. Friends often comment that our goats are like dogs. They are kept with the herd and always have playmates. We love happy goats.